MBBS in Philippines FAQ’s

How is MD different from MBBS?

MBBS and MD are primary medical qualifications. The major difference is that the degrees are recognized by different countries. MBBS is the British system of education whereas MD is the American system of education.

What is the reputation of medical education in Philippines?

Philippines is known for one of best medical education in the world. Every year thousands of student graduates doing MD (Doctor of Medicine , equivalent to MBBS) from Philippines, this is ascertained from the fact that every one doctor out of ten in USA has graduated from Philippines.

What is the total course duration?

5 years and 8 Months. With One Year Rotational Internship/Clerkship.

What is the eligibility for studying MBBS in Philippines?

The student must be above 17 years of age. Should pass 12th Grade or equivalent with a minimum of 50% in Physics, Chemistry and Biology subjects and NEET Qualified.

After my graduation, Can I complete my internship in India?

Yes. The students can take their internship only after clearing the Screening Test in India and procuring the Provisional Registration of the MCI, you can complete your internship in India.

Can I practice in India on my return?

Yes, only after the completion of Screening test and Internship, the student is eligible to register with the MIC and can practice medicine in India.

Are there any extra fees for taking the Screening Test ?

The nominal exam fees are to be borne by the students.

What happens if a student fails to clear the Screening Test ?

A student can appear any number of times for the Screening Test. Generally, students who pass the MD degree of an American System of Education are expected to clear the Screening Test in their first attempt .

Can I get a job in the Government hospitals in India ?

Yes, only after the successful registration with MCI/State Councils, the student is eligible for the job in Government hospitals.

Can a student take USMLE ?

Yes. Students from UV GULLAS are eligible for appearing for USMLE.

Will there be exposure to real-life cases in Hospitals in UV College of Medicine ?

Yes, the final year students will be involved in clinical rotations which allows the students to practice in hospitals with more than 5000+ beds, Hands-on Clinical Practice is available.

How Many Subjects are I have to Study for MBBS (MD) ?

19 Subjects
Forensic State Medicine and Toxicology
Otolaryngology (ENT)
Community medicine
Obstetrics and Gynaecology

How will I be able to get along in an English speaking country ?

Arrangements are made for spoken English training classes for students from the indigenous medium of education at UV Gullas College of Medicine.

What is the method adopted in teaching in all the universities ?

There is a US pattern and method of teaching in all the universities in Philippines. There is enhancement of clinical skills and lectures with problem based learning. New teaching techniques deployed ensure that the students are exposed to research projects ensuring them to develop skills.

Is studying medicine in Philippines safe for girls ?

Philippines is the best place in medical education for girls. It is a female dominated society there where you would find females working in all work places; more than 60% population is of females there. Thus Philippines is the safest bet for girls.

What kind of people are there in Philippines ?

What is the religion followed by major Philippines citizens? Philippines sees a Christian dominated religion. More than 90% are Christian.

What kind of place is Philippines ?

It is a beautiful country with the world class beaches and tropical climate .Its capital city is Manila. The country has a breath-taking beauty of nature and has mixture of different cultures and communities. Filipinos’ love fast food, film, and music. Fast food outlets are found on many street corners. American global fast food chain stalwarts have entered the market.

How is the weather ?

The weather in the Philippines is tropical weather. There are 3 main seasons.
From June to September. Showers can be frequent and heavy.
October to February it is cooler and is supposedly winter time. But the temperature rarely drops below 25°C.
From March to May when temperatures can soar and be similar to a summer in India but of a lesser intensity.

What is the Voltage Used in the Philippines ?

220 Volts.

Can Student work with Student visa while studying in the Philippines ?

No. A student cannot be employed in any job while studying