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My Career Opportunities

Students have to give the FMGE(commonly known as the MCI Screening test); comply with MCI process to register. Once Registered - they are eligible to apply for Government jobs in India and to join Post graduate courses in India.

USMLE: All students who study in the Philippines are eligible to give USMLE and go to the USA for practice after satisfying the norms needed for licensure and registration THe Medical Colleges are listed in IMED Directory (FAIMER Directory) and approved by the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates(ECFMG).

California Board of MEdicine: Colleges in the Philippines are listed in the California Board of Medicine's Directory of approved Inernational Medical Colleges. This means after passing form Philippines, qualifying USMLE and complying with other process they are automatically approved to register and practice in the State of California.

California is the richest state in the USA and accounts for 13% of the Economy of the USA.
Doctors here are amongst the highest paid in the USA.

American Pattern: The Medical course is oatterned on USA. This gives a strong Advantage to medical professionals educated in the Philippines who are interested in the US. Students can go for clerkship rotations (internship rotations) to the USA from the Philippines. Some colleges have tie ups for this. Else students can source out their own rotationsand get permission to go to the USA which will be given credit by the School for clerkship.

Other Countries: The degree is valid in over 180 countries: Singapore, Gulf Countries, New Zealand, Australia etc. Each country has a license / registration process for Doctors - as this profession deals with humans and is regulated.. You need to pass a competency test. Some countries may have a language test, job visa requirements etc - each of which needs to be complied with.

Degrees Awarded: MD or Doctor of Medicine, called MBBS in India. MCI gives MBBS registration in India as will UK, Singapore and Gulf authorities. In USA you will get a MD certification. What is known as MBBS in India and other commonwealth countries is called MD in the USA and in The Philippines.