UV Gullas College of Medicine
Cebu City, Philippines

Life In Cebu City

Cebu city is the most ancient yet a most developed 1st class; highly urbanized Mega city of Philippines. Rapid economic growth has also spawned the emergence of a modern urban skyline and the development It's no surprise TripAdvisor named Cebu the only Philippine City to make in the Top 25 list for best destinations in Asia. The cebu city's infrastructure is quite developed with numerous ultra-modern shopping malls and high-rises, an airport lauded as one of Asia's best and an extensive road network throughout Its surrounded by wonderful mountains and islands. More than 15 Indian Restaurants are there in Cebu City, Philippines catering delicious Indian food. Many Indians staying in Cebu City and There are Indian Temples too. Cebu city is a developed, peaceful and safe city. Cebu city has one of Biggest International airport. Cebu city is best for Education.

“Cebu City is modern energy and rich traditions”