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Study MBBS in Abroad For Indian Students - 2024-25

At Atmia Education, we understand how daunting it can be for students to acquire medical education from the medical university of their dreams and apply for the MBBS admission process in it. We aim to make the task of university selection, admission application, selection and everything in-between as smooth as possible for students who wish to study MBBS course in popular countries abroad.

Till date, we have been trusted by more than 5000 students and their parents. If you are looking for expert guidance about the eligibility criteria, entrance tests such as the neet exam or English proficiency test and other quality services for MBBS in Russia or Ukraine or other countries abroad, we are here with the whole package.

We offer –

  • Career counselling and guidance to students with the detailed analysis of the various universities offering MBBS course.
  • Assistance in choosing prospective foreign medical universities and colleges across the globe
  • Aid in application process and screening test
  • Preparation of necessary documents and forms
  • Assistance in student visa process and acquiring passport
  • Our team of education consultants helps students get access to any scholarships or grants that are available to them
  • Interactions with international students to understand the lifestyle abroad

Course Duration:

Most foreign medical universities have at least 5 years long courses. As part of the curriculum, students mandatorily appear for a year-long internship in the final year of the course.

Given below is the list of course duration for different countries -

Country Course Duration (Years)
Philippines MBBS in Philippines 4.6 + (1 year)
GeorgiaMBBS in Georgia 6
Russia MBBS in Russia 5.8
Ukraine MBBS in Ukraine 5.8
KyrgyzstanMBBS in Kyrgyzstan 5
MBBS in Armenia MBBS in Armenia 6
KazakhstanMBBS in Kazakhstan 5
BulgariaMBBS in Bulgaria 6
BelarusMBBS in Belarus 5
MalaysiaMBBS in Malaysia 5
ChinaMBBS in China 5 + 1 Year Internship

Why study MBBS in Abroad in 2024?

A career in the medical field requires hard work and dedication. But it is even more important that the students get access to successfully established institutions that offer prolific educational facilities and services.

  • MBBS in foreign medical universities can ensure a bright, lucrative career for students.
  • There is a constantly expanding job market for medical professional with progress in technology and sciences.
  • Students have the opportunity to become citizens of the world as they pursue MBBS abroad 2024.
  • MBBS course abroad is becoming more and more affordable with increasing standards of education in the world.

Pursuing MBBS in abroad for Indian students is made easy with Atmia Education. We are one of the best MBBS abroad consultants in India who bring you closer to your dream of studying medicine in abroad.

Benefits of MBBS Abroad 2024

Here are a few of the many advantages of MBBS Course abroad for Indian students –

  • High-quality education – Atmia Education introduces students to universities that provide world-class medical education for students from all around the world. Students have access to latest technology, proactive faculty and only the best infrastructural facilities.
  • Affordable Fee Structure – MBBS in abroad is available at economical and affordable costs for Indian students. Many universities across the world charge very low tuition fees, making MBBS in foreign universities more manageable than any private Indian university.
  • Globally recognized medical degree – Atmia Education connects students to universities that are approved by NMC (National Medical Commission), WHO and other reputed international organisations. Students have the opportunity to practice anywhere in the world after completion of their MBBS course in abroad.
  • Zero Donation and Capitation fee – No donation or capitation fee is charged by institutions during admission. Students are required to pay only the charges laid down in the respective university’s fee structure.
  • Education in high-ranked universities – Students have the chance to be a part of the most highly ranked colleges and universities in the world. These universities have a strong international network that can prove to be extremely beneficial for the students.
  • No Entrance exams for MBBS study in abroad – Many universities do not require students to appear for an entrance examination or other language tests like TOEFL, IELTS etc for MBBS admission abroad. Admission is carried out on educational merit and medium of instruction is English language when studying MBBS in foreign country.

Eligibility Criteria

Most universities have no entrance examinations for MBBS study abroad. To secure admission in MBBS abroad 2024, students must.

  • Score at least 50% marks in 10+2 with Biology, Chemistry, Physics and English as subjects
  • Complete HSC or equivalent education from a recognized board or university, preferably from a top university.
  • Have attained the age of 17 years or above as on 31st December 2024
  • Appear for the NEET examination if students wish to practice in India after finishing MBBS outside India.
  • Possess a valid Passport
  • Have proof of Covid Vaccination

Required Documents

  • Class X Marksheet
  • Class XII Marksheet
  • Birth Certificate
  • Admission Letter
  • IELTS/TOEFL Scorecard (Not Required)
  • NEET Scorecard
  • Valid Passport
  • Caste Certificate (for Reserved category)
  • Transfer Certificate
  • Migration Certificate
  • Identity Proof
  • Covid Test Results
  • Vaccination Proof
Difference Between MBBS in India vs MBBS Abroad

In India, students may complete their MBBS in just 5.5 years. This covers the period of the training or internship (12 months). The tuition fee is higher in India (Rs 40 to Rs 50 lakhs) while the cost of living may be optimal.

Countries such as Russia, China, and Ukraine, on the other hand, offer 6 years (about) of education, which includes internships with seasoned experts. The tuition fee is nominal in countries like Ukraine (Rs 14 to Rs 25 lakhs) and the cost of living is also optimal.

Students studying MBBS abroad must have a clear idea of the budget for the country they choose. This helps them in planning their future.

Career Opportunities

A world of opportunities is available to students after studying MBBS outside India.

  • Students can return to India and practice in the country after clearing the MCI screening test.
  • Students can settle abroad and practice in any country after appearing for the respective country’s medical screening test.
  • Academically oriented students and students seeking specialization can pursue MD or any other post-graduate degree abroad after completing MBBS study in abroad.
  • Students can find research opportunities in their universities and other institutions as well after they study medicine in abroad.

FMGE/MCI- Screening Test/ NEXT/ USMLE

  • Students need to appear for the country’s medical screening test to be eligible for practice in the respective country.
  • To practice in India, students must appear for the MCI screening test after they study MBBS abroad.
  • USMLE is the examination that permits students to practice medicine in the US.

Education Loans and Scholarships

MBBS in abroad can prove to be a costly affair for many students. Our MBBS abroad consultants help students in applying for educational loans and reaching scholarships that bring the young minds a step closer to their dream of an education abroad.

  • Students with exceptional academic performance can secure educational loans for MBBS abroad.
  • Various governmental and welfare scholarships are available for students from financially humble backgrounds.
  • Georgian government, in association with other educational institutes, offer remission in fee for Indian students pursuing MBBS abroad in Georgia.
  • Ukrainian government does not offer any scholarships or loans for Indian students to study MBBS study in abroad. Do not believe any fraudulent claim made about the same.

Preferred Countries

With more than ten locations to pick from, we solely concentrate on the best MCI-approved medical institutions outside of the country. For MBBS Abroad, we solely focus on countries with high levels of readership and the best universities because of this.


Being one of the biggest landlocked nations, Kazakhstan is also a popular destination for those looking to pursue an MBBS abroad. Around 11 MC-recognized colleges in Kazakhstan provide the highest calibre of education. Kazakhstan is renowned for having an elite and thorough educational system.


Georgia is quickly becoming a top choice for Indian students looking to study medicine. Georgia's MBBS programme is cost-effective due to the country's medical schools' reasonable tuition rates. Georgia is home to at least fifteen colleges that have MC recognition.

The Philippines

The Philippines' MBBS programme is a fantastic choice for medical students who want to pursue their MBBS studies overseas. Universities in the Philippines offer unmatched medical education at a reasonable cost with excellent job posting chances.


Kyrgyzstan continues to rank among the top countries for MBBS abroad despite the rise of excellent medical schools worldwide. There is no communication problem because all Kyrgyz institutions' courses are taught in English.


Russia is by far the top location for MBBS students looking to study overseas. The nation is the ideal location for studying an MBBS since it offers top-notch education while maintaining an economical cost of living.


On the list of the leading nations for MBBS study abroad, Ukraine has one of the top ranks. A presence of 17 MCI-approved medical colleges in Ukraine that routinely provide top-notch instruction. This demonstrates that there are many options available in Ukraine for students looking for the ideal medical school for their MBBS abroad.


For Indian students hoping to seek a secure medical profession, an MBBS from China is the ideal option. The MBBS programme strikes the ideal balance between theoretical and practical training. The universities in China are equipped with cutting-edge facilities and cutting-edge labs for greater learning opportunities.

Medium of Teaching

    English is the primary language of instruction for MBBS course.

Vacations During MBBS study in Abroad

  • Holidays can be either summertime or winter based on the nation.
  • The dates vary by nation.
  • Christmas and the first day of the New Year are holidays.
  • In addition to national holidays, each country has local holidays.
  • During the winter and spring breaks, students frequently return home to see their families.

How Safe is Abroad for Indian Students?

  • For all of the MBBS candidates residing in India, the foreign nations are really secure
  • Some of the safest areas on earth are found in nations like Kazakhstan and Georgia
  • However, you should always exercise a little caution because certain situations are unforeseen.

Best Universities for MBBS Study in abroad 2024

Shortlisting medical universities for MBBS abroad? Make sure you apply to universities that are approved by MCI and WHO to receive a degree that is universally recognized. Here is a country-wise list of 1 ranked colleges and universities for MBBS in abroad

Country Top MBBS University
Georgia Georgian National University SEU
Philippines UV Gullas college of Medicine
Belarus Belarusian State Medical University
Kyrgyzstan Osh State University
Kazakhstan Kazakh National Medical University
Russia Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University
Ukraine Bogomolets National Medical University
Bangladesh University of Rajshahi
Uzbekistan Samarkand State Medical Institute

How to Choose a University: 6 Tips

As one of the best MBBS abroad consultants in India, we have prepared a check-list for students aspiring to study MBBS abroad.

  • The foreign medical universities shortlisted must be MCI and WHO-approved.
  • The institution must be well-ranked and have good infrastructure and facilities.
  • The course duration for MBBS in abroad must be suitable to you.
  • Students must check-out the course curriculum to ensure that the subjects and topics taught are of their interest. This can turn out to be extremely important if the student is planning on a specialization course after MBBS in abroad.
  • Prepare for scholarship applications and educational loans while selecting the universities.
  • The university must have English as the medium of instruction to avoid communication barrier.

Our team of best MBBS abroad education consultants can help you shortlist the best universities effectively and ensure that you get the college of your dreams.

Cost of studying

MBBS in abroad can be achieved at manageable costs by Indian students. Many countries have low tuition fees for MBBS course which makes it affordable for students.

Here is a list of approximate costs incurred during MBBS abroad in different countries –

Country Total Cost (in INR)
China 20-25 lakhs
Georgia 20-35 lakhs
Philippines 20-30 lakhs
Ukraine 20-35 lakhs
Russia 15-40 lakhs
USA 40-80 lakhs
Germany 15-25 lakhs
Belarus 15-20 lakhs
Poland 30-35 lakhs
MBBS Study in Abroad - Scholarships for Indian Students

A large proportion of Indian medical aspirants wish to study MBBS overseas. However, earning an MBBS from an international medical university comes at a high cost, making it difficult for worthy and intelligent students to pursue MBBS in Ukraine, Russia, or any other country of their choice. Those willing to pursue MBBS from medical universities abroad can apply for a variety of scholarships to help pay for their studies, either totally or partially.

Entrance Exam Required to Study MBBS Abroad

The Medical Council of India (MCI) issued a directive in March 2019 requiring all Indian medical aspirants interested in studying MBBS overseas to take the National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test (NEET).

Candidates wanting to enroll in an MBBS course abroad may be asked to take an English proficiency exam to demonstrate their fluency in the English language. They can take TOEFL, IELTS, PTE, or OET based on the requirements of the university offering an MBBS course.

Another important exam is the FMGE Examination which is one of the necessary conditions for practicing medicine in India, for a doctor with a medical degree from an institution outside the country.

Country Wise List of Best Medical Universities

  • Georgia: Georgian National University SEU Georgian National University SEU
  • Philippines: UV Gullas College of Medicine UV Gullas College of Medicine
  • Belarus: Belarusian State Medical University Belarusian State Medical University
  • Kyrgyzstan: Osh State University Osh State University
  • Kazakhstan: Kazakh National Medical University Kazakh National Medical University
  • Russia: Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University
  • Ukraine: Bogomolets National Medical University Bogomolets National Medical University
  • Bangladesh: University of Rajshahi Bogomolets National Medical University
  • Uzbekistan: Samarkand State Medical Institute Bogomolets National Medical University
Age Requirement

There is no higher age limit for applying for an MBBS program in another country. The student must have received his 10+2 diploma from a recognized institution. Students planning to study MBBS must have a cumulative grade point average of at least 50% in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, as well as have studied English as a required subject throughout their 10+2 years.


Here are some frequently made inquiries about MBBS in abroad and our role in your application process –

How should I start shortlisting universities for MBBS in abroad?

Students should start looking for universities according to their choice of country, fee structure, ranking, course curriculum and application requirements. At Atmia Education, all the criteria are taken care of. Our best consultants for MBBS abroad assist you in selecting universities with good standing and filling in application forms.

Can I expect assistance with the visa application procedure at Atmia Education?

Yes, we help you prepare documents for visa application for MBBS in abroad.

How can I find internship in the final year?

Most universities have medical centres and associations with hospitals where students can intern in the final year of MBBS in abroad. The university helps the students get internships under experienced professionals working in hospitals and clinics affiliated with the university.

Where can I find accommodation and hostel details after enrolling for MBBS in Abroad?

University dorms and hostels are made available for international students during MBBS in abroad. In case the students do not wish to reside in the university hostel, our best MBBS abroad education consultants help students find accommodation with good facilities and amenities near the university.

Which country is best for MBBS abroad?

One of the most profitable and sought-after professional alternatives, both in India and internationally, has always been medicine. A career that is so noble and dedicated to fostering a healthy society as a whole demands that the course structure is created with the utmost care. Worldwide, nations establish the course's structural layout based on the parameters they think most appropriate. As a result, there is no single response to this prompt. The following are the key choices:

  • Ukraine
  • Russia
  • Kyrgyzstan
  • Bangladesh
  • The Philippines

Each nation has benefits and drawbacks unique to them. You must determine what suits you. You should have the accompanying facts in mind:

  • If the university is accredited by MCI and WHO
  • The university's tenure
  • Passing Rate for FMGE
  • Current student evaluation
  • Fees
  • Duration
  • The nation's native tongue
  • Education method
  • The environment
  • The accessibility of Indian food
What is the MBBS fees abroad?

International locations are famous for offering cutting-edge colleges, top-notch professors, and a working degree that is recognised across the globe. Due to the lack of seats in government medical colleges in India and the outrageously high tuition fees imposed by private medical institutions, Indian students' desire to study MBBS abroad has increased substantially. This has led a sizable population of young medical geeks to search for med colleges oversea.

Study abroad prospects are greatly influenced by university fees and daily expenses. An institution that offers top-notch amenities at an affordable price would be more in demand than an expensive one. India is a price-sensitive market, and students would rather study in nations that provide unmatched MBBS studies at an affordable price than in others.

The monthly costs for studying MBBS overseas range from 2,900 USD to 12,000 USD, with 2,900 USD being the least and 12,000 USD being the most. This will rely on the nation the prospective MBBS students are applying to as well as the college they choose.

Which country MBBS is the cheapest?

Let's talk about several particular nations that are providing MBBS training at a price that is friendly to all aspiring doctors.

  • Kazakhstan offers a priceless chance to enrol in an MBBS programme at a minimal cost. If we analyse the overall cost of an MBBS programme in Kazakhstan, we find that it should be between 20 and 25 lakhs, including all fees for travel, lodging, transportation, health insurance, and other living costs. Additionally, living expenditures are reasonable. There are certain prestigious colleges that are open to all medical students and are also highly accommodating regarding tuition and living expenses while attending university.
  • Students can choose from a variety of MBBS programmes in China. In comparison to India or other Asian or Arabian nations, one may obtain MBBS insurance here for a lower cost. You may simply enrol in Chinese institutions for a modest fee of between Rs. 22 lakh and Rs. 26 lakh, all costs included.
  • The Philippines has recently been a top choice for medical programmes due to its affordable medical education. Many institutions provide a more manageable sum of money for these courses. MBBS costs between 18 and 22 lakhs in total, including all fees.
Which exam is required for MBBS abroad?

The following are the prerequisites for enrolling in an MBBS programme abroad:-

  • Pass class 12 with an overall grade point average of 50% in PCB (general category), 40% in ST/SC/OBC, and English as a required subject.
  • Should be 17 years old by December 31 of the current academic year, or earlier.
  • You must pass the NEET exam. (A foreign MBBS student's NEET score is admissible for 3 years.)
  • Before moving on with the admission process, please review the university website as some universities possess their own entrance requirements.
Can I study MBBS abroad without NEET?

Without taking the NEET exam, Indian learners can take MBBS overseas. There are several MBBS schools overseas that accept examinations other than the NEET. China, Russia, the UK, Denmark, Canada, and other nations having MBBS programmes but no NEET are a few instances.

Now that you are informed that you can apply for direct admission to MBBS programmes overseas without taking the NEET exam, the following is a summary of the procedure:

  • List the best MBBS institutions overseas.
  • Sort the chosen institutions according to their MBBS overseas without the NEET framework.
  • Verify the admission standards for the MBBS institutions of choice.
  • Determine whether you must take any more exams or whether NEET must be replaced by another examination.

For Indian students, seeking an MBBS overseas without taking the NEET makes the registration process simpler. Students can shift their emphasis from extended study sessions and test stress to getting ready for the best MBBS programmes overseas. Your application procedure has been made simpler as a result of the MBBS overseas without NEET.

Is MBBS abroad a good choice?

The institutions overseas adopt distinctive methods to prepare the students, and as a result, there is a substantial amount of practical training, which significantly improves your clinical skills and communication abilities.

Overall, going to medical school abroad is definitely beneficial.

  • It offers modern medical facilities.
  • Reasonable costs
  • Foreign universities with QS rankings
  • More hospital beds

The opportunity to study MBBS overseas and get knowledge from the nation's top experts is its finest feature. These professionals share practical advice to help students become prepared to handle any difficulties or circumstances they may encounter. Since the majority of these specialists are knowledgeable about the contemporary MBBS business, their expertise is tailored to meet these needs. In order to address your questions, I would say that studying MBBS overseas is worth the time, money, and effort.

In which country MBBS is easy?

One of the most esteemed university credentials around the globe is the MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery). Potential doctors who want to work in the allopathic medical area seek it. Several of the top MBBS colleges worldwide are found in the United States and Great Britain. On the contrary, countries like China, Ukraine, and the Philippines provide inexpensive medical education.

  • They follow the same syllabus as medical institutions in India - Indian medical institutes follow precisely the same syllabus that Indian students must adhere to. In contrast, it is rather simplistic.
  • Indian professors foster a comfortable atmosphere - Indian professors make up the bulk of the faculty in international colleges. This helps Indian students feel at home in a medical college overseas.
  • An affordable pricing structure - Regarding education, mobility, accommodations, and other general considerations, the cost structure is quite affordable.

In order to register in international medical institutions, students looking for an easy MBBS degree might speak with us. Apply right away for admission to MBBS.