Georgian National University
SEU, Tbilisi City, Georgia

Student Life in Tbilisi City & Budget Radar

TBILISI - The Mega City - Georgia’s Most Pleasant City & Definitely Student’s Sweetheart!

Tbilisi is the capital and the largest city of Georgia. A well-known urbanized Mega city, with bigger choices and opportunities for all its local people, tourists, students and the immigrant community crowned with the classic Georgian heritage and European buildings touched by the countryside style.
It is the beating heart of Georgia and definitely student’s sweetheart and touristsfirst destination when visiting in Georgia.

A unique city with a panoramic view that melt hearts with its urbanised streets, modern Infrastructure, leafy squares, clean lakes, and green valleys. It is home to largest, most modern and world-renowned universities such as the Georgian National University – SEU.

According to the statistics of the Ministry of Education and Science, almost all of foreign students Study in Georgia, 95% in Tbilisi, 2.2% in Kutaisi and 1.8% in Batumi, respectively.

Tbilisi's is one of our Favourite Cities in the World
Georgia’s capital is anything but orderly. Despite this—or because of it—it's one of the best, most strikingly original cities in the world.
- TARA ISABELLA BURTON (Author, Journalist - The New York Times | The BBC)

Student Life in Tbilisi City & Budget Radar
Budget Radar on Tbilisi - The Mega City, Georgia

Yet, it is the most important thing to know “Is living in Tbilisi, Georgia affordable for all?” Well, this is a “Million- dollar question” of parents and students. Living a quality life in Georgia is sensible. It is not that cheap or costly. It depends on how smartly one manages a decent and comfortable life. However, while in the country, you may maximize and enjoy the wide-range of amazingly-interesting places starting from countryside markets and mini-shops to the most expensive hotels with its luxurious styles. The currency of Georgia is the Georgian Lari. The good thing about the Georgian Lari is that it equals to 1GEL = Rs 23. This comes as good news for budget travellers, tourists, and of-course for the students and residents too.


You can find the flavours of home across the state at restaurants and grocery stores specializing in food from Africa, Asia, Europe, India, Latin America, the Mediterranean, and many more. Everyone agrees that food is cheap in Georgia. Most of the good restaurants offer delicious meals at affordable prices, whether if it is street food or at fancy restaurants. Not to mention, readily available and affordable accommodation/motels and hotels for all clients.

Food & Snacks

Here is a rough estimation by localities of some popular food stuffs in Tbilisi.

  • Rice (1kg) 2.00 GEL RS 50.00
  • Bread (Loaf of Fresh) 0.80 GEL RS 19.00
  • Milk (regular - 500ml) 1.50 GEL RS 36.00
  • Apples (500gm) 0.50 GEL RS 12.00
  • Banana (500gm) 0.80 GEL RS 19.00
  • Oranges (500gm) 0.40 GEL RS 10.00
  • Tomato (500gm) 0.50 GEL RS 12.00
  • Potato (1 kg) 0.80 GEL RS 19.00
  • Onion (1 kg) 0.70 GEL RS 16.00
  • Lettuce (1 head) 1.00 GEL RS 24.00


  • Eggs (regular - 2.40) 0.80 GEL RS 19.20
  • Chicken Fillets (150gm) 1.74 GEL RS 41.76
  • Monthly recommended minimum amount of money for food per person is 360.00 GEL RS 8640.
Monthly Expense

According to Georgian Government the Official average monthly expense is estimated at $250 - $350 US Dollars including Accommodation & Food. This is another proof that living in Tbilisi, Georgia is affordable for Students, locals and visitors.

Average student spending per month.

(Estimated at $250 - $350 US Dollars Per Month)
Accommodation Rent - 40% | Utility - 22.5% | Food and Leisure - 37.5%


A Ticket for public transport vehicles (Bus and Metro) would cost 0.50gel (Rs 12). However, students with “students cards” pay only 0.20gel (Rs 5) for a ticket. Each ticket is valid for 1.30hr. Within the 1.30hr validity frame, a ticket holder can enter any public vehicle for FREE with the ticket card. Bolt and Yandex is available in all Georgian cities for everyone who prefers to use taxi. Taxis would charge about 5gel (Rs 120) for a 7km journey. And cars are affordable for those who prefer to purchase a vehicle while studying in Georgia.

Leisure and Fun

Many of the tourist attraction in Georgia are free for access. However some requires visitors to pay an entrance fee. Students enjoy discounts on entrance fee to access some of the tourist attraction in Georgia.


Among many good things, Georgia is a socially tolerant country. Georgians are predominantly Christians who have hospitable culture. Georgians are welcoming to people of different nationality, religions, race, ethnicity and social status. This is why Georgia remains a top tourists’ destination and a favourite destination of International students.

Visa-Free Travel to the Schengen area

Visa-Free Travel to the Schengen area, Europe, a landmark achievement for Georgia. On March 28, 2017 Georgia secured Visa-Free Travel to the Schengen area, Europe. Georgians and Residents can now freely travel to the European Union (EU) for the standard period of a 90-day stay within any 180-day period, given the growing hostility in electorates across Europe - not just toward migration from outside the EU, but even toward the core concept of freedom of movement within the EU. European Union leaders also warmly congratulated Georgia and encouraged Georgians to “enjoy Europe,”

It is impossible to pen down every mesmerizing feeling in Georgia has to offer! Some things are better understood when they are encountered and experienced in person. So, come study in this amazing country, GEORGIA, and gain meaningful journey to cherish for lifetime!