UV Gullas College of Medicine
Cebu City, Philippines

UV Gullas College of Medicine : International Campuses In India

For 1st Year (Pre-Medicine)
Foundation Course - Required In American Education System Pune, Maharashtra | Rajkot, Gujarat | Chennai, Tamilnadu

To make it facile for students from India, University of Visayas Gullas College of Medicine allows Atmia Education to offer foundation courses for medical students in their 1st year of Pre-Medicine. These foundation courses are mandatory for the American Education System. Atmia Education pioneered this initiative to make the Philippines the ideal choice for Indian students for medical education.

These establishments can be found in Pune, Chennai, Rajkot, and Mumbai.

  • World-Class infrastructure and facilities
  • Most Advanced Interactive Class Rooms & Auditoriums | Anatomy & Physiology Lab | Simulation Centre | Ultra-Modern Library | Student Reading Room
  • The equipment in laboratories is imported from UK, Sweden and Italy.
  • Computerized library with open access system.
  • The institute, at Chennai, Pune, Rajkot and Mumbai campuses, is a member of the British Library.

Our Research Centres of International Statute in
Rajkot, Gujarat Campus add flair to our
academic itinerary.

More than any other Non-US medical schools in the world

The Pre-Med program is ideal for high school graduates who are committed to pursuing careers in medicine.

Students may study the 1st Year program at International Campuses in India.

The curriculum provides a comprehensive approach to premedical training, emphasizing the development of critical thinking skills.

We prepare them for the next levels of the MD Program.


Pune Campus
Rajkot Campus
Chennai Campus