University of the Visayas Philippines

University of the Visayas Philippines

We believe in giving better citizens to the society.

We offer a privilege of getting educated as a 'Doctor' in Cebu's first University, University of the Visayas (Philippines). Established in the year, 1919, the college has successful alumni who have achieved well in the fields of law, business, politics, academe, medicine, sports and other endeavors. At University of the Visayas, we prepare students for a global competition.

We offer the best academic and moral training, better career opportunities, access to numerous scholarships and privileges and opportunity to get a degree and work at the same time. Our services depend on the philosophy of Amor, Servitium, Humanitas; meaning, we put Love, Leadership and Service to Humanity first. We believe in shaping a student's career that broadens his perspective and prepares him for a career of his choice.

Through our academic training, we try instilling culture of excellence in students that will help in a life-long process of learning for the development of his leadership potentials.

Imbue the Christian ideals of love and service to humanity through a tradition of religious and community oriented education focusing on community welfare activities and socio-economic development programs.

Core Values

With its commitment to the ideals of love, leadership and service, and development of need breed of leaders, who are morally upright and spiritually inspired, the University of The Visayas Philippines operates and maintains educational programs which are nationalistic and democratic, and attuned to nationally and internationally accepted standards. While it nurtures academic excellence, it also works for the enhancement of high-level professions and middle level careers relevant to community development and the socioeconomic needs of the country.

The University aims to provide academic environment and discipline to broaden the student's perspective and prepare him for a career as a responsible and informed member of a democratic society Instill students with culture of excellence through academic training and through a life-long process of learning for the development of his leadership potentials, and for the enhancement of his chosen career.

Imbue the Christian ideals of love and service to humanity through a tradition of religious and community oriented education focusing on community welfare activities and socio-economic development programs.

Founder's Message

Famous Quotation of Don Vicente Gullas from his book The Art of living well

"With God's inspiration as my guiding light, someday among thousands of VI and University of the Visayas students and alumni, I hope to produce Kings and Queens who will never wear crowns but shall be royal just the same; And when I shall be dead, I wish that my life will not be a tale that is told - a dream empty and forgotten, I wish it to be a prayer, or a song of love and usefulness, even if only to kindle the heart of fire in the soul of some weakling or some unfortunate being who have still the spark and image of God in them."

Lady Josefina R. Gullas

The cliche that behind every man's accomplishment, is a woman was very apt in the case of Don Vicente. Don Vicente's better half, Mrs. Josefina Rivera Gullas or Inday Pining was an inspiration and also a reason for the success of Don Vicente and the University of the Visayas University. She has been there from conception to realization and in its growth from a wood-and-zinc institute to a major University of The Visayas Philippines.

But it is in her role as wife and mother that Mrs. Gullas had her shining moments. Despite her work in the University and her continuing involvement in church activities, she still found time to run the Gullas household like a well-oiled machine caring for and mentoring her three children - Inday Sering, Eddie and Dodong - on the Christian values of love and service.

Such values inspired her to look beyond domestic concerns towards the needs of less fortunate people, especially the children of poor families and handicapped individuals. To these people she gave much, not just material help but also sympathy and understanding.

University of The Visayas Philippines Facilities for Students

- Ultra-modern High tech Classrooms with Projectors

- Air-Conditioned Classrooms

- Computer and science laboratories

- Library & E-library with internet access

- Audio-visual rooms

- Huge Theater for all functions/Meetings

- Basket Ball Court, All Indoor Games

- Medical and health services.

Life on Campus

  • "Atmia Education is doing a great job. Because of Atmia Education I have got the chance to study in Government medical College. Philippines is a good choice. Food and residential facilities are much better here. Environment is also comfortable. If you'll choose UNP you will never regret. So don't think much and join Atmia Education team. They are very co-operative. Thanks to Atmia education team."

    Dodiya Jalpa

  • "It is a nice college, very very big campus. In the campus there is a very big lake and a big playground , nice hostel with wi-fi facility and one Philipino family cooks Gujarati food for us. In one room there are six students and six cupboards and A.C., so hostel is quite good. Thank you Atmia Education and especially Chiragbhai. It is a very awesome experience here."

    Brij Datta

  • "I can't express in words about Atmia Education. As my words will become smaller. Here I don't feel that I am far away from my family. Here local people beleive that we are also family members to them. May be sometimes our parents can forget something, but here every facility is available and everything is handled carefully."

    Gohel Neha

  • "I am glad and much happy to be here in UNP, Vigan City through the help of Atmia Education which is providing a great service to us, working really hard for the admission process and providing all the facilities. Atmia Education is trustworthy, I had not to face any problems thanks to them."

    Leasel Anantkumar Collins

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